Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your critical data by developing a Disaster Recovery & Backup system that aligns with your company's needs and industry regulations.

Protected Data Means Protected Business.

You’re going to have a lot to worry about should disaster strike and keeping your business afloat will be your chief concern. During a crisis, you’ll learn whether you’ve secured the right backup and data recovery services. It would help if you had a business continuity plan designed with data management, storage, and security in mind.

Teknologix delivers unbeatable data backup and recovery solutions that will prevent costly data breaches and losses, so your business isn’t disrupted. Reduce digital risk and achieve your recovery point objective with optimized IT services from Teknologix. Preparing for the worst-case scenario is never fun — but it will be worth it with Teknologix as your guide.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

Together, we’ll develop an exhaustive disaster recovery plan that includes everything from data backup and recovery to infrastructure and application recovery. We’ll then test your plan to ensure that it will work in a real-world disaster scenario.

Virtual Server Replication

We replicate your virtual servers to ensure continuous availability of your critical applications and data. Our replication solutions are designed to provide rapid recovery in the event of a failure, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

At Teknologix, we use industry-leading cloud technologies to provide secure, offsite backup and recovery services for your data. Our cloud backup and recovery services are scalable, flexible, and reliable, ensuring that your data is always safe and recoverable.

Backup Monitoring and Management

At Teknologix, we provide 24/7 monitoring and management of your backup and recovery processes to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts uses the latest monitoring technologies to identify potential issues before they become problems, ensuring that your data is always protected and recoverable.

Data Migration Services

Whether you’re moving to a new platform or upgrading your systems, Teknologix’s data migration services can help you migrate your data from legacy systems to modern platforms, ensuring seamless continuity of your business operations. Our experts work with you to develop a migration plan that minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth transition.

Email Backup and Archiving

Teknologix provides secure email backup and archiving solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements and protect against data loss. Our email backup and archiving services are designed to be seamless and easy to use, ensuring that your email data is always protected and recoverable.

Continuous Data Protection

With Teknologix’s continuous data protection services, we use advanced data protection technologies to provide continuous backup and recovery services, ensuring that your data is always protected and recoverable. Our continuous data protection solutions are designed to provide rapid recovery in the event of a failure, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Ransomware Recovery Services

With Teknologix’s ransomware recovery services, we provide rapid recovery services to help you recover from a ransomware attack and minimize downtime. Our experts use the latest technologies to identify and remove ransomware from your systems, ensuring that your data is safe and recoverable. Additionally, in the event of an attack, Teknologix offers Incident Response services to help you get things back up and running.

The Teknologix Hyperconverged Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance for Veeam is a high-performance enterprise backup and DR solution capable of delivering Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of less than 15 minutes. With the Teknologix Hyperconverged Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance securing your business data, even ransomware attack won’t take down your business.
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