Virtualization Services

We provide full virtualization for your IT infrastructure for virtual networking and shared data storage as well as desktop virtualization.

Manage workloads by radically transforming traditional computing to make it more scalable.

Get the most out of your IT Infrastructure investment by virtualizing core services, reducing your costs, adding resilience, and improving performance.

We will advise you on the services that would benefit most from virtualization and then carefully plan, manage, and test your migration to your new virtual environment following industry best practices and using proven technology solutions.

Server Virtualization

This technology runs several virtual machines on one server and they fully reproduce the work of physical servers. Thanks to this business, there is no need to buy a server for each app, because many different operational systems and apps for companies can be placed on the same equipment.

Network Virtualization

This approach reproduces the physical network identically and permits you to use applications in the virtual network in the same way as in the physical one. This will improve infrastructure performance and reduce hardware dependency. This method provides the ability to connect to logical ports, routers, VPNs, load balancers, etc.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktops are created by us in a virtual environment. Due to this, the employee gets remote access to his desktop and information resources from any gadget. This simplifies the creation and management of workplaces, and also makes the IT infrastructure flexible.

App Virtualization

This type of service allows employees to use the software without installing it on a PC. The work is no different from using locally installed programs and for technical issues, all computing and information storage takes place in the data processing center.

Efficient Use Of Resources

Previously, before the advent of virtualization, each server required a separate physical processor. With these settings, the use of physical servers was inefficient. Now it is possible to carry out all operations on one PC and run several applications on it, and this does not reduce reliability. This ensures the most efficient use of physical computing resources.

Rapid Provision Of Resources

The most time-consuming process is the purchase, installation, and configuration of hardware. With it, provisioning virtual machines for all your workflows is faster. This process is subject to automation. With server virtualization, the load can be automatically distributed to other virtual environments.

Business Continuity

With a reliable backup and non-disruptive migration of entire virtual environments, you can reduce planned downtime and ensure fast system recovery from failures. There is an increase in the speed of response, adaptability and overall productivity of employees.

Cloning And Backup

Deployment of the infrastructure occurs due to the simplicity of cloning virtual machines, which leads to simplification of copying information to the server, to improving the speed of setting up network equipment, and changing the configuration in the software.

Maintain Legacy Applications

If you do have old applications that have compatibility issues with newer software or that must run on a certain version of an operating system, you can dedicate a virtual machine just for those tasks.

Improve Management

Managing virtual machines is a lot easier than managing "real" machines. For example, hardware upgrades can be done using a management console application rather than having to power down the machine, install the hardware, verify the change, and then power up again.

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