About Us

What We Do

Teknologix helps companies reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while increasing overall security, scalability and reliability of the environment. We enable companies to take advantage of new applications and technologies that were previously too costly to implement on internal networks. Teknologix offers an array of solutions ranging from complete IT outsourcing to disaster recovery and hot site services. Teknologix also tailors customized outsourcing solutions that offer significant cost savings while maintaining the desired level of flexibility and control over the environment.

Teknologix Experience and Partnerships

Teknologix has also helped customers realize the benefits of server-based computing on their internal networks. As certified partners with VMware, Microsoft, Dell, EMC and NetApp, our team has over 70 years of combined experience designing and implementing these solutions. Teknologix’ broad background in traditional integration services allows us to design and implement all of the applications, network access, infrastructure, and security components needed for a complete server-based computing environment.

Teknologix Services

Teknologix offers a host of services for customers that require traditional networking technology integration. Some of these services include comprehensive planning services, network needs analysis; detailed system and network design; project implementation and scheduling; project coordination services such as general contracting and sub-contracting; on-site project management; hardware and software procurement; computer network and IT equipment infrastructure installation; after installation support services; LAN/WAN integration; end-user support; and technology training and professional development.

Teknologix has been providing high quality network services and consulting since 1997. Teknologix provides a wide range of services and is committed to being the leader in providing the highest quality in:

  • Network Solutions
  • Network Consulting
  • Network Design
  • IT Training
  • Military IT Training
  • Web Solutions
    First and foremost, we use a consultative approach and develop an understanding of your needs to create the most efficient and cost effective solution for you. Taking into account:
  • Network Design
  • Software Implementation
  • Security
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • It all depends on what you want and need